As a Non-EU resident visiting the UK, can I get a VAT refund?

Store purchases

The Retail Exports Scheme requires a Tax Refund Form to be completed in person on the retailer’s premises. If you require one of these forms when purchasing Debenhams items, please ask at the Debenhams tills at the time of purchase.
You will need to bring a form of ID and documentation proving your residency outside the EU (i.e. your foreign passport and a student/working visa if applicable).
Once you have the completed form, you will need to give this form to Customs upon departing the EU for your VAT refund to be processed. Note that they may wish to see the purchased items before validating the Tax Free Form.
This VAT refund process is provided by Global Blue, so please visit their website for details on their terms and conditions.


Online purchases

The Retail Exports Scheme legislation specifically prohibits such refunds on internet sales. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to offer a VAT refund for your online purchases.