Automated decision-making

Debenhams might make some decisions about you using your personal information which is based on profiling without our staff intervention (known as automated decision making).

You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated decision making which produces a legal or other similarly significant effect. However, this will not apply if the decision is necessary for a contract, authorised by law, or has your express consent.

In most cases, we use automated decision making in order for you to enter into a contract with us (such as automatic fraud screening), or in ways which won’t have a significant effect on you as an individual (such as our general analysis of data to gain insights into behaviours and characteristics of our customers).

We use profiling to tailor adverts for you, such as displaying Debenhams adverts based on your previous website interactions and purchase behaviours, how you access our services and where you access our services from. We do this to serve you ads that we believe you will be most interested in and prevent you from seeing ads that are unlikely to be of interest to you, or for products that aren’t available in your area. You can choose not to be profiled in this way by opting out of marketing and by updating your cookies preferences.

Personal Finance products

As we have an extensive list of financial products, we use automated decision making when you are entering into a contract for a particular product in order to:

Monitor Debenhams staff compliance – as a credit broker Debenhams has an obligation to monitor how accounts are being processed in store by colleagues and be able to demonstrate this to the regulator (if required).
Review any Travel Money transactions to ensure Debenhams complies with Anti Money Laundering guidelines and any suspicious activity is reported.

When you apply for Debenhams Personal Finance products through our third party microsites then they may also profile you using automated means which will be specified in their privacy policies. This includes approving or denying credit card applications, travel money transactions or insurance policy applications and pricing for insurance quotes based on risk profiling.

You can request a manual review of the accuracy of an automated decision if you are unhappy with it.