Can I get a VAT refund?

All total prices for goods and services at the checkout represent the total price payable by the customer for those items, regardless of the address for delivery. For deliveries to an EU address this price includes VAT (or VAT equivalent) at the relevant rate of VAT in force at the time of purchase. Although this price is the same for deliveries to customers who reside outside of the EU (including the Channel Islands), where VAT (or VAT equivalent) may not be applicable, customers are not entitled to any discount or refund to account for the differences in tax treatment and will pay the same price for the item as a customer placing an order for delivery to the EU. Other components of the total price at the checkout, including delivery charge, may vary for each customer.


For VAT refund requests, please quote your order number, the reason you are entitled to a refund and copies of any supporting documentation (i.e. a certificate of entitlement) to Tax Team, Bedford House, Taunton TA1 4DB (or email to