Overall T&C’s

These apply to all our other offers, and explain our terms on free delivery, free gifts, credit, and online voucher codes. Please read these as well as the terms of specific offers.

1. When you use an offer you accept our terms and conditions relating to that offer (in legal terms you are deemed to have accepted them and agree to be bound by them).
2. If the offer says something different than what’s written here (for example, that it covers delivery charges), then we’ll go with what the offer says.
3. Unless the offer says otherwise, you can only use one promo code or discount offer per order. You can’t combine offers.
4. Debenhams staff can’t use special offers or promotions.
5. Some brands or concessions may be excluded from offers. As this varies by offer you’ll need to check individual offer details for such exclusions.
6. Offers don’t apply to any delivery charges unless expressly stated.
7. If we give you a refund, it’ll be for the price you actually paid, taking into account the offer or discount. And if you return a single product from a multi-buy offer, our refund will mean that you’ve effectively paid full price for the products you keep.
8. You can’t use offers for financial services, food services, cash, gift vouchers or gift-cards. You can’t use them to pay your Debenhams accounts. And you can’t use them with any of our microsites – including Debenhamsplus.com.
9. We can decline your order, if we don’t think the promo code or offer used is valid for the product(s) ordered, or if we reasonably suspect fraud.
10. Online offers can only be used on http://www.Debenhams.com and our mobile site or kiosks. They are not valid for purchases made in our stores or over the phone unless expressly stated in the offer.
11. We can change these terms and conditions or withdraw an offer at any time, with reasonable notice.
12. These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
13. The promoter of these offers is Department Stores Realisations Limited (in administration) t/a Debenhams. Its registered office is at Bedford House, Park Street, Taunton TA1 4DB. Its registered number is 00083395.